Papacito Papusas

Two pupusas, your choice from below, served with hot sauce, curtido (pickled cabbage), rice and beans. $9.99

  1. Pupusas de Queso (cheese)
  2. Pupusas de Queso y Frijoles (cheese and beans)
  3. Pupusas de Frijoles
  4. Pupusas de Mixta (a tasty mixture of chicharrones, cheese and beans)
  5. Pupusas de Chicharrones (ground cooked pork)
  6. Pupusas de Queso y Lloroso (edible tropical small green unopened flower bud used as an herb in Central America, a cross between mild broccoli and squash)
  7. Pupusas de Queso y Chicharrones



One of our most popular dishes! A friend described this to one of our staff members as the southern version of a cornbread sandwich. Well, it’s kins like that! A pups is a tradition Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla dough. It’s filled with cheese and other goodness (pork, chicken, beans, etc.), then riddled and served with a hot sauce and curtido, a slightly fermented cabbage slaw. By the way, every November 13 is National Papusa Day in El Salvador.